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We are all aware that conservatives can't handle the truth about the aftermath of slavery. Slavery ended nearly 150 years ago. There are living Africa America who has heard their great-grandparent tell stories of their relatives first and experiences surving Slavery.

For over two hundred years, Bimbia in Cameroon one of the major slave ports on the West African coast laid under thick tropical rainforest, away from all human eyes, in part because to the villagers of Bimbia believed the area to be cursed: no one who went there ever came back! But nevertheless, the Bimbia port has a great cultural, historic and touristic importance to Africa! See for your self. The site is not yet well documented, Overgrown by bamboo and bush. The remains of slave cells are fast deteriorating needs stabilization. Physical evidence is more convincing than words! Do you know were your DNA came from?.