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  • Michael Fondungallah Law Firm
  • Dora Kamary/Sierra Leone Traditional Wedding
  • Sam Ekontang Elad/Wedding
  • Seraphine Lissome/Wedding
  • Bafut Majong Cultural Association Group
  • MN Cameroon Community MINCAM Group
  • Emmanuel Che Ngwa/Sandrine Y Tchoumkeu/Wedding
  • Oliver & Veronica Tangiri Wedding-Cameroon
  • Henke Foods LLC, Chocolate Production
  • Opportunity Communiy Service Inc, Group Events.

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Dan V

Posted On : May 14 2018 11:23pm (Mon)

I enjoyed our chat about your photography while I daughters played together at the park. I’ll look forward to seeing your pictures from your recent trip to Alaska. I admire your work and unique way of bringing landscapes and nature to life.

Pam Mbonefor

Posted On : May 14 2018 11:24pm (Mon)

Simply beautiful. The nature pictures especially are breathtaking. Great work.


Posted On : May 14 2018 11:30pm (Mon)

I really enjoyed the beautiful landscape photos cleanly taken depicting the beauty God has endowed us with. I can see features right from Rumsyki in the Far North of Cameroon. More power to your elbow and may God bless you in your endeavours

Ivo Tangiri

Posted On : May 14 2018 11:26pm (Mon)

Wonderful works of art, you’ve got a wonderful talent.

Johann Embola

Posted On : May 14 2018 11:27pm (Mon)

I am cautiously curious about the changes. The shift in vision is exciting. For over twenty years, I have known that Victor has a special gift in photography. Looking forward to the manifestation.

Numfor Irene Bih

Posted On : May 14 2018 11:28pm (Mon)

God created some people with wonderful talent. Beautiful landscape photos cleanly taken. This is lovely keep it on.

Liliane N Abongwa

Posted On : May 14 2018 11:28pm (Mon)

Just beautiful, did not know Cameroon had this.

Ntomnifor Richard

Posted On : May 14 2018 11:29pm (Mon)

Immense thanks for the brief and vivid presentation of the Bimbia Slave Village, Victor. As a tourism expert based in the North West Region of Cameroon and one who has participated in successful research works geared towards assisting African Americans in tracing their roots back to Cameroon, I’ve visited this historic site 5 times with African Americans of Cameroonian ancestry. I must say each time I’m here with African Americans, they’re always overwhelmed with emotions and tears. There are ongoing efforts by the American Embassy Yaounde and the Bimbia community in conserving and promoting this site as a great tourist destination. For more information, send an email to

Steane Nyoki

Posted On : May 14 2018 11:30pm (Mon)

Hello Victor. Great endeavor. I have seen you grow up to not only love taking photos but pushing the limits and going to extremes through hard work and perfection . Thanks for all the memories through the years . A picture truly says a thousand words . Keep up the good work. Best regards and more success.

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