Studio Information

Photolancing Photography by Victor Ngaling has had twenty years of experience as a photographer. Over the past 15 years, he has divided his time between sales and photography. 
Born and raised in Buea-Cameroon, West Africa, as a young man his first camera was the Kodak Instant 120. Largely self-educated in the arts, he began taking photographs of families and friends to earn some money, which he did quite well. He later moved to the United States in 1986 for studies.

He started shooting in the days of film. His work has the ability to capture the ephemeral and translate it into fine art. His numerous trips to Cameroon and photographed the county's rich natural heritage and some historic sites have opened dialogue across cultures especially that of African Americans. See entitled Special Project and Personal Work "The Place & Its Origin". The Bimbia Slavey Trade Market in Cameroon, West Africa

Photolancing specialized in the high-end digital capture of advertising, architectural and industrial photography. Including as well are Food, Product, Events, Groups and Public Relations. We will be delighted to arrange for a studio shoot, but we specialize in location.

For the passion that we have for our work, we constantly seek advice. As we continue to attend a workshop to perfect our skills and techniques. If you are looking for something of original or have a specific idea in mind we are willing to travel any were regardless. Do not hesitate to contact or by using our convenient contact form to discuss any questions you might have about any work.