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Through Fashion and design the African woman is coming out of the shadows showing their dominance, creativity, social power and achievements. Thinking globally should not be in exchange for what makes an African rather, allows Africans to see the world through a certain lens.

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i am Victor Ngaling

20 years
of experience

Specializing in High End Digital Capture, Victor has a passion for his work, and constantly seeking to perfect his techniques. If you are looking for a beautiful personal Portfolio in Model, Glamour, Fashion, Portraiture ever images in Classic Boudoir, do not hesitate to contact me.

He began shooting in the days of film. His work has the ability to capture the ephemeral and translate it into fine art. He has taken numerous trips to Cameroon and photographed the Country’s rich natural heritage and historic sites, which have opened dialogue in the United States especially within the African Americans Communities.


Our Vision

To showcase your natural beauty.


Recognized worldwide as a master in his craft .


Working with the most popular brands.


Credentials from major colleges and institutions.




OUT HOME Native Americans of Minnesota

Image: Dakota Culture Dwellers of the Spirit Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community. The Mdewakanton Sioux Community is federally recognized, sovereign Indian tribe of Mdewakanton Dakota People, located Southwest of Minneapolis and Saint Paul within parts of the cities of Prior Lake and Shakopee in Scott County Minnesota. Recognized by the federal…

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What is BLACK LIVES MATTER really about?

Does it promote violence and looting? Why not all lives matter? Why is Systemic Racism? all this questions have revolved around the the movement. The murder of George Floyd on May 25 2020, at the hands of Minneapolis police offices, amplified the Black Lives Matter movement and immediate need for…

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To the Danish Company Equipment Manufacturer Phase One based in Copenhagen, Denmark Thank you!

Phase One the world leading provider of medium Formal digital photography systems and imaging solution for professional photographers and industrial application. Established in 1990s true digital photography pioneer with a passionate commitment to image quality excellence and creative freedom.

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