22, March 2018

Both Flags The State Of Minnesota & USA, The State Capital Building & St. Paul Cathedral In The Fourth Ground What Both Has In Common?.

What is in common between two, the Minnesota State Capital building and the Saint Paul Cathedral. A masterpiece dreamed up by Archbishop Ireland and architect Emmanuel Masqueray. There have been four Roman Catholic cathedrals in Saint Paul. The first three were built between 1841 and 1858. The fourth and the most architecturally distinctive opened in 1915.

Inside the Minnesota State building as looking down the street on the fourth ground, you can see the Saint Paul Cathedral. While inside the historical building were this photograph was taken is were our laws in the State of Minnesota are legislate by our elected Senate officers.

As the law makes cast their respected votes, their most always do it in good moral conscious as the cathedral look down upon them, to be honest in making those laws that have a lasting impact on their citizens of the state of Minnesota.

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